The winner of the “National May 1 Labor Certificate”—Lanzhou High Pressure Valve Co., Ltd. (formerly Lanzhou High Pressure Valve Factory), was established in was moved from Shenyang to Lanzhou in 1966 “third-line construction”. It is a key large-scale valve enterprise in China and a production R & D base for special valves. , The only national high-tech enterprise in Northwest China that integrates development, design, casting (forging) manufacturing, and sales for high-temperature, high-pressure, high-alloy, low-temperature, large-diameter (referred to as "three high, three super, one large") valves. The company won the "National Enterprise The honors of "Technology Center", "National Technology Innovation Demonstration Enterprise", "National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise", and "Gansu Provincial Government Quality Award", it alsodetermined “National Pilot Enterprise for the Integration and Implementation of Standardization"by the Ministry of Industry"and "Langao Valve" brand Won the titles of "China Well-known Trademark", "Gansu Famous Brand Product" and "National Customer Satisfaction Product".

  Lanzhou High Pressure Valve Co., Ltd.has a registered capital of 100 million yuan, covers an area of more than 253,000.00,square meters, and currently has 15 senior engineers, 98 intermediate engineers, 3 provincial and ministerial experts who enjoy special allowances from the State Council, and won 1 second prize of national technological invention. 125 national patented new products (including 16 invention patents), formulated GB / T35740-2017 "Technical conditions for nickel-based alloy castings for industrial valves", JB / T11484-2013 "Technical specifications for valves for high-pressure hydrogenation devices" and JB / T12955-2016 "Oxygen valve" and JB / T10530-2018 "Oxygen globe valve" industry standards, forming a professional production scale of more than 960 models and more than 3580 specifications valves, the main products are 1500 ℃ ultra-high temperature valve, PN6000 ultra High pressure valve, high alloy -196 ℃ ultra-low temperature valve. The company has sophisticated production intelligent manufacturing equipment, various perfect testing facilities and advanced computer design stress analysis systems, and has obtained the API-6D / 6A / 600/608 certificates of the American Petroleum Institute and the European Union Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23 / EC (CE) certificates, national special equipment (pressure piping components A1, A2 and B1, B2 level) manufacturing license, quality, environment, occupational health and safety management three system certificates, national military standard quality management system certificates, national intellectual property management system certificates , AAA measurement management system certificates, three-level confidentiality qualification certificates. Valves are widely used in petroleum, chemical, coal, natural gas, metallurgy, aerospace, military and other industries.


  Lanzhou High Pressure Valve Co., Ltd. adhering to thebusiness philosophy "integrity is gold, innovation for business", promotes the spirit of craftsmen of big countries, and provides leading technology, high-quality products and good service for our clients.